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That’s right! Even if you have struggled with meditation before, you CAN meditate! By signing up for FREE training in Heart-based Meditation, you will learn a simple technique that works in harmony with the nature of your mind to make meditation easy and effortless.

With your very first lesson you will be on your way to enjoying a frustration-free practice, as you let go of all the “doing” and “trying” and release the demands of everyday life.

We have personally experienced how the daily practice of Heart-based meditation has transformed  – and continues to transform –  our own lives, as well as thousands of students around the world. The results have been nothing short of profound.


Our deepest desire is to help as many people as possible to experience the life-changing benefits of this practice, and to help all beings grow and evolve to their highest potential.

As each one of us heals and transforms our own lives, we heal and transform the entire planet. Imagine what would be possible if more of us were less stressed, anxious, depressed, and angry… and instead more aware, loving, relaxed, and mindful of how our actions impact everyone around us, as well as the collective consciousness.

By practicing Heart-based Meditation daily, you can create more peace, balance, harmony, and love within yourself and for all of humanity. Together we can heal the world. 



It’s natural for your mind to be busy and wander – it’s job is to work for you and to solve life’s problems.


Most other meditation practices use will power and concentration to try to overcome the natural process of the mind and force it into silence. This is why you may think meditation is difficult, or that you can’t “do it”… because we cannot go against what is natural.

But what if we told you meditation can be truly effortless. That there is nothing to try for, nothing to force or achieve, no experience you’re “supposed to have”.

Heart-based Meditation is a simple technique that allows you to return to your natural state of peace with ease, while offering countless benefits that are deeply transformational and life-changing, including:

    • Reduction of stress and anxiety
    • Improved mental clarity and memory
    • Better sleep and improved energy
    • Fewer emotional “triggers”
    • More harmonious relationships

When you learn Heart-Based Meditation, you will learn to how to let go and allow the natural process of clearing and releasing to take place, while making friends with any thoughts that may arise. Thinking is not the enemy, in fact, it’s a  very good sign that the meditation process is working (we’ll explain how this is possible during your training).

There are no strings attached. Heart-based Meditation Training is completely FREE.

All we ask is that you do your best to be consistent with the practice in order to experience the most benefit as possible… and to let us know if we can support you in any way.



All Heart-based Meditation Training is done live online. Don’t worry if you’re not computer savvy – it’s as easy as us emailing you a link to click on and you will automatically be connected to the online meeting.

Training takes about 60 minutes, two days in a row. Click the link below to find out about upcoming dates and to enroll in one of the next online classes:

SIGN UP NOW TO RECEIVE FREE LIVE ONLINE TRAINING Once you’ve been trained in Heart-based Meditation, you become eligible to join our online Meditation Forum, attend our meditation retreats live online or in-person, and join us for our Annual Meditation Summit in one of Nature’s most spiritual and high vibrational locations!

Practicing Heart-based Meditation every day is one of the easiest and most effective ways you can positively impact your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health while contributing to the wellbeing of the entire planet.

I invite you to learn this transformative meditation technique and join thousands of people around the world in a personal exploration of healing and self-discovery.


Paul Dugliss

Founder of Heart-based Meditation and Director of New World Ayurveda, LLC



Email: heartbasedmeditation@gmail.com

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The Origin of Heart-based Meditation

Heart-based Meditation is not part of any tradition or religion. It is a universal technique that was cognized by several clairvoyant, intuitive and highly-evolved individuals for the purpose of serving humanity through the full expansion of the heart and rapid development of consciousness. This intuitive knowledge comes from the higher spiritual planes – the regions that some would describe as the highest, or angelic, level of vibration. Heart-based Meditation is a unique and simple technique that gives us a way to experience more love, happiness, and our full human potential in everyday life. It is part of a path of inner growth and development that focuses on self healing and energetic and emotional mastery. It is the foundation for the Healing Light Techniques, the Healing Light Training Program and Healing Light Yoga.



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