As you practice Heart-based Meditation on a daily basis, you can expect to notice many positive changes in any of the following ways:

  • Reduction of stress and anxiety
  • More restful sleep¬†
  • Improved mental clarity and decision making
  • More harmonious relationships and better conflict resolution
  • Natural healing – creating health from the inside out – through the power of Consciousness
  • Cravings shift toward those that serve, not hinder, overall wellness
  • Experience more joy and love in your life
  • Synchronicities and the effortless fulfillment of desires
  • Shifting and release of old programs, patterns and behaviors that keep you stuck
  • Less reactivity to outside triggers
  • More emotional stability

Disclaimer: Please note that each person’s experience with Heart-based ¬†Meditation differs and is very individual, based on a variety of influences. We can not guarantee any specific outcome from practicing Heart-based Meditation.