Heart-based Meditation Retreats

Nothing accelerates inner growth like these retreats. The results are truly awe-inspiring. I invite you to give this gift of love to yourself for the benefit of all beings.

Paul Dugliss, M.D.

Physician, Heart-based Meditation Teacher

Heart-based Meditation 2017 Summer Retreat at the Garrison Institute

Please join us on July 16-23, 2017 at the beautiful Garrison Institute Retreat Center for this profoundly transformative retreat north of New York City. The Heart-based Meditation week-long intensive is a highly transformative and awe-inspiring experience. It allows for a deep inner journey that unfolds in a unique and profound way for each individual soul. The days are structured in a specific way that create a container for self-exploration, insight, clearing, healing and the power of love to expand your  heart in ways you may never thought possible.

The love and support that is created through the power of consciousness through these groups, sharing in a commitment to personal growth and spiritual evolution, is an experience beyond description. We invite you to come and share this life-changing week with us.

This is a week-long intensive meditation retreat for Heart-based Meditation Practitioners. Attendees must have been practicing Heart-based Meditation daily for at least one month before attending and must first apply on the HeartBasedMeditation.com website and be accepted before booking lodging with the Garrison Institute.  

DATES:  July 16-22, 2017       LOCATION: Garrison Institute, Garrison, NY

COURSE FEES:  Tuition – $425   Lodging and Meals:  Single – $960,  Double – $870, Dorm – $780

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 “The Heart-based Meditation Retreat is a priceless investment in personal growth. I’ve taken many self-development courses in my life and none have been so profoundly touching. Paul Dugliss is a gifted teacher and guide who will open your heart to the possibility of your greatest potential.”   – P.B.

“An amazing week of inner growth and connection to consciousness at depths I have never experienced before. Thank you Paul, Sandra, and David for creating a safe and healing space.”  – C.M.G.

“I have done so many yoga retreats where I have done some extreme things and the restfulness that came to me through this retreat process is golden.  I am super grateful because I have an awareness now about how restfulness can be such a healing agent in my life and in my constitution. Most of all the nervous system which I felt depleted feels so strong, clear and balanced.”

Kelly Haskee

“I received so many blessings, insights and lessons… My heart has been completely transformed, it has expanded so much I don’t even know how to describe it, but I feel it and I feel so incredibly blessed and so grateful.”

Cat Cornell

Massage Therapist, Massage Therapy Instructor

“I have been transformed again, and I just feel so much love and so full of love.  It is just so wonderful to think how you can become family with people in such a short period of time. I experienced a filling up of love beyond anything else and that is really what matters to me is being able to give love and receive love. I want to take that with me wherever I go, to whoever I meet.”

Sara Moser

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